We build businesses. 

One business plan at a time. 

Personalized bank-ready business plans and financials.

In as little as 48 hours.

We specialize in developing business plans and financial projections that help small business owners and entrepreneurs apply for bank and investor funding, improve operations and gain confidence in their ability to succeed. We save you time and help reduce your risk.
Our plans are written by team members with 15+ years of industry experience in marketing, strategy and finance. In addition, an MBA degree and successful completion of the Financial Modeling and Valuation Expert(TM) certification from the Corporate Finance Institute is a requirement for everyone on our team. 
These qualifications, coupled with a highly efficient and personalized process, help our clients apply for funding from leading North American banks, financial organizations and private investors. 

How we work together.

Our engagement process.

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Small business services. 
Financial projections and business plans to empower your growth. 
Our goal is to provide you with the most personalized, meaningful and strategic business plans and financials as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. 
With our services you have the flexibility - and expertise - to craft the documents that are personalized and exactly what your lender, bank or investor requests. 
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Financial Projections.

Precise. Impactful. Analytical.

And as low as free.  

We believe financial projections are the backbone of any solid business plan. They are a financial representation of your strategy, path to profitability ​and key factors lenders, banks and investors would like to see. 
We offer two flexible options to help fit your needs, budget and skills. Choose between our free DIY automated projections template or a premium projections service completed by our experts. 

Self-Guided 3-Year

Financial Projections


Answer a few self-guided questions in an automated Excel questionnaire and watch the model automatically populate. This do-it-yourself option if perfect if you are confident in your financial and excel skills and are looking for a general model without too much customization.

Premium 3-Year

Financial Projections

Prepared by BizPlanShark experts and as requested by banks and other lenders. Completed according to your loan requirements and specifications. 3 months of revisions included.

Deliverables: a 15-20 pages of 3-year financial projections, including analysis of financial performance to-date, fixed cost analysis, balance sheet/income statement/statement of cash flow projections for 3 years forward.

Includes 90 days of unlimited revisions and changes, individualized email and phone coaching and support.

Investment Required: $295

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Business Plans.
Personalized. Actionable. Meaningful.
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With expertise in marketing, strategy, finance and operations, BizPlanShark develops actionable and meaningful business plans that are unique to each and every client we serve. 
Our plans and clients have been funded by private investors, leading banks and U.S. and Canadian lending institutions. 
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Business Plan with 

3-Year Financial Projections

Prepared by BizPlanShark experts and includes a comprehensive business plan write-up, accompanied by detailed 3-year financial projections. 3 months of revisions included.

Deliverables: a complete business plan, including business overview, competitive, market and customer analyses, as well as detailed financial projections for a total of 25-40 pages depending on the specific nature of the business.

Starting from: $1395 USD

Our plans in action.
See how our plans empower our clients to obtain financing, develop solid business strategies and fuel growth. 
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