On this page we have included some common questions typically asked by our prospective clients. 
If you have a question that is not listed below, please email us and we will be glad to provide additional details and information as you consider working with us.  


General Questions

What are your qualifications?

BizPlanShark was founded by Alex Ormond in 2008 as a side hustle born out of a desire to bring corporate-level expertise to small business owners and entrepreneurs. Alex has 15 years of experience in corporate finance, marketing and strategy, including with leading consumer brands and technology companies. In addition to his practical corporate experience, Alex holds an MBA from the Simon School of Business, a top-10 finance MBA program in the United States, and the Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) certification from the Corporate Finance Institute. The BizPlanShark associate and advisory team comprises industry experts and consultants, as well digital marketing experts who are available on a per-assignment basis and together offer our clients a wealth of knowledge and expertise that helps us improve profitability, performance and operations of new and existing small businesses. In the 10 years+ that we have been in business, BizPlanShark has assited business owners and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries including retail businesses, restaurant and food service companies, tech start-ups, fashion and beauty brands and boutiques, medical organizations, pharmacies, and not-for-profits.

What types of businesses do you help?

Our mission is to help small businesses and their owners. As a result, we focus on working with business owners and entrepreneurs who are about to start their first solo business or need help securing financing and improving operations of an existing small businesses. In most cases, our clients: - have 1-5 employees, though a few have exceeded 15. - are seeking funding that ranges from as little as $75,000 to as much as $1+ million. - require a plan to either present to an external funding agency (like a bank), investors, or are seeking to understand how to make their company profitable.

Do you work with established companies or only with new businesses?

We work with business owners who either have a business, or would like to open one and are happy to assist you whether you are already down the path of entrepreneurship or are about to embark on your business journey for the first time.

How can I contact you?

You are welcome to email us at myplan@bizplanshark.com. If you'd like to text us we can be reached on +1 (323) 212-5338. Charges may apply depending on your plan and location.

Do you have references? Can I see examples of business you have helped?

By all means. Over the last 10 years we've had the good fortune to assist many business owners and entrepreneurs across a variety of industries and geographies. We are happy to share below the names of a few that demonstrate the diversity of our client base and expertise. Copper Medical Apparel Jessica, a nurse and entrepreneur, was passionate about reducing transmission of hospital acquired infections (HAIs). Her idea focused on creating a medical and fashion start-up that designed and provided copper ion infused scrubs to medical professionals. Given copper's antibacterial properties and ability to reduce 80% of HAIs, Jessica is not only building a profitable business, but also a socially beneficial enterprise that has been recognized by a number of incubators across Canada. BizPlanShark provided comprehensive financial projections, business model and strategy guidance, as well as ongoing consulting services over the course of 2 years. Etobicoke, Canada University of Rochester Medical Center Business plan: commercialization of a portable neonatal scanner. Rochester, NY, USA INGLOT Cosmetics Canada We wrote the business plan, helped obtain funding and secure the property to open INGLOT's flagship Canadian location in the heart of the Toronto's Dundas Square. We continued to consult the entrepreneurs behind the Canadian location and subsequently provided financial projections that helped them secure additional funds from the BDC to support their expansion efforts. Toronto, Canada Alley28 Beauty House BizPlanShark wrote a comprehensive business plan and financial projections that were used by the founders Neil and Stephanie to open their dream spa that has now served thousands of happy customers. And, they have been so in demand that the business runs by appointment only. Toronto, Canada Purple Box Beauty Bar and Tween Mobile Spa We developed a business plan and financial projections that helped the founders be early adopters of the mobile spa concept that continues to grow in popularity across Canada and the US. Mississauga, Canada Expansion of a Dental Clinic to 5+ locations A passionate dentist was opening a new clinic in Saskatchewan, Canada. He worked with BizPlanShark over the course of 2 years as he was looking for avenues to expand the initial dental practice into multiple locations across Saskatchewan. We provided comprehensive financial models and projections, as well as revisions as he received ongoing feedback from banks and lenders. Saskatchewan, Canada Rylko Shoes USA When a passionate entrepreneur contacted us with a request to provide strategic and marketing research for his new project, we jumped on board. He was interested in bringing a stylish European shoe brand to the United States and we assisted with consumer insights, comprehensive research and development of a business plan and financial projections that enabled him to better understand the ins and outs of a complex and exciting fashion business. Sarasota, Florida, United States Pediatric Radiology Practice (Private) Two colleagues - both experienced doctors - wanted to purchase a medical clinic and convert it into a pediatric radiology practice. Understanding cost and profitability implications, as well as all aspects of the business model was paramount to their ability to secure funding. BizPlanShark assisted with comprehensive financial projections and will subsequently develop a complete plan that will be presented to banks as part of a loan request. Montreal, Canada Commercial Window Engineering Company (Private) An entrepreneurial employee and engineer was looking to acquire a commercial window installation and engineering company in Ontario, Canada. He had already written the business plan, but required some assistance with editing and with the development of comprehensive financial projections. Ontario, Canada Danavero Before they were a leading provider of outsourced software development solutions to companies in Canada, US and Europe and partners to large multinationals like Samsung, Danavero was it's founders idea and a concept. BizPlanShark helped materialize the business model, develop business development strategies, conducted market research and developed the visual and brand identity, culminating in the company's slogan "Solutions.Engineered." Ontario, Canada

Payment Options

Do you require payment in advance?

We do not require a full prepayment, but do require a 50% deposit. The balance of the fee is due only when we deliver the final financial projections or business plan to you. Please note, that every service we provide also includes 90 days of unlimited changes and revisions.

What payment methods do you accept?

We offer a number of payment methods, all chosen to afford you maximum flexibility in paying your invoice. You can make payments by credit card once you receive your BizPlanShark invoice. We invoice each customer using FreshBooks - a long-established global invoicing and payment processor trusted by hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. As a result we never see and retain your personal payment details and credit card information. In addition, you can make your payment via email to our PayPal account ( myplan@bizplanshark.com).

Plans and Financials

Can your plans be used for banks, investor and immigration purposes?

Every plan we develop is unique and reflects your individual objectives, personal and business goals, as well as financial reality. In all cases, the plans we write meet bank and investor requirements and include comprehensive marketing, competitive, business and financial analysis. In addition, we also develop plans for immigration/visa application. We also assist business owners who require guidance and want to ensure their business strategy is solid, but may not necessarily be looking for external funding or a loan.

How do you write my plan? What is your process?

Our first and foremost objective is to ensure that your business model is viable, sustainable and profitable. As a result, we have created a unique process that delivers greater success and better business accuracy - whether we create financial projections or a complete business plan. Once we decide to work together, we will: 1. Conduct a consultation to obtain basic information about your business, your background and objectives you would like to achieve together. 2. Using this information as the foundatiom, we will first develop financial projections. This helps us ensure that your business can be profitable and your business model is solid. 3. If the numbers look profitable, we will complete the plan write-up based on the research conducted by our team internally. 4. In case financial projections do not show profitability, we will continue working with you to refine your business model to help you understand what it will take to turn and sustain profit. 5. As the last step, we will make as many changes, revisions and updates as you require for 3 months after we deliver the complete plan and/or projections to you.

How long does it take to write my plan?

Depending on which service you choose (financial projections or a complete plan), we can provide you with completed financial projections in as little as 48 hours from the moment we receive all required information from you. Business plans take approximately 5-7 business days, while more complex or unique businesses could take up to 10 business days. In every case we will work with you around your deadlines and timeframes.

Can we meet to discuss my plan objectives?

In all cases we work with our clients virtually which enables us to assist you no matter where you are located. We can be reached by phone, email, WhatsApp and Skype and make ourselves available to you in accordance with your schedule. We will be happy to set up a call or a video conference with you at a convenient time to discuss how we can help you achieve your objectives.

How much money have your clients secured with your plans?

We have written plans and financial projections that have resulted in either investments or loans in the amounts that range from as little as $50,000 to $1.2 mlilion. On average, however, our clients require plans/financial projections to apply for commercial or business loans with banks and are seeking between $100,000 and $450,000.

What do I need to demonstrate to banks or investors to improve my chances of getting funded?

If you are a first time entrepreneur and require business funding, the banks will look at a combination of factors: - a solid business plan and business model; - strength of your financial projections and path to profitability with your business model; - amount of funding you require and the length of time needed to repay your loan; - how much you are willing to invest into the business, in other words how much savings you are prepared to contribute. Ideally we recommend at leat 10-20% of the required loan amount; - what assets you may have to provide as collaterial in the event your personal credit history is not as strong as the banks require; For established businesses, the requirements are similar, however the financial history of your business will also play a role and could be a supporting factor in case your personal credit history is not sufficient to secure a loan.

What files will I receive? What file formats do your plans and financial use?

Our financial projections are comprehensive Excel worksheets, containing around 12-15 tabs that include a summary of your required start-up funds, analysis of your staffing needs, fixed costs, revenue forecasts, as well as income statement, statement of cash flows and balance sheets for 3 years. We can also make financial projections available to you via Google Sheets. The business plan write-up will be a comprehensive Word document that can also be exported into PDF format for uneditable sharing with outside parties.