Ground rules and

Operating values

In working with you we are guided by a few rules and principles. These apply to everything we do. Please review them below. It is our hope that these will help you - whether you choose to work with BizPlanShark or another business plan writer. 
#1. We look beyond the business plan to help understand whether you will be funded. 
Typically lenders - such as banks and financial institutions - look at a variety of factors when deciding whether to fund a business. A well thought out business plan is a vital component of this review, as are your detailed financial projections. Other factors, however, are important as well and we at BizPlanShark will review them with you to provide our honest assessment of how successful your loan application can be.  Factors, such as your credit history, your business' credit history, your assets, are also important. 
If we feel that your plan may not receive funding - we will let you know.
#2. We will never make funding guarantees. 
BizPlanShark specializes in developing strategies, business plans and financial projections for new and existing small businesses. As we ourselves are not a lender, we will never promise you that you will be funded. Only a bank or a lending organization that will review your application - of which our plan is a part - can make such guarantees. 
On a related note - if you ever work with a business plan adviser who guarantees that you will be funded, our recommendation is to treat such promises with a large grain of salt. Unless they put up their own money, no adviser is in a position to make such a commitment. 
#3. We will only work with you if we believe you can be successful. 
This one is self-explanatory. As part of our engagement with you, we will ask tough questions that will let us know what may be needed to make you - and your business - a success. If we feel that for whatever reason - personal, financial, or other - you may not be as well positioned to open or own your business, we will always let you know.
If you feel we would be a good fit for your needs - reach out!
To your success,