Services for

Start-Up and Tech Companies

We offer a comprehensive set of services to help you confidently approach investors in any industry and sector.
With direct start-up and investor engagement experience, and having worked with numerous start-up clients, our team can easily become your pitch deck designer, market researcher, commercialization strategist and business plan writer.
Our expertise includes several key areas of start-up business planning, including pitch deck development, financial modeling and projections development, need validation research, competitive and marketing research, end-user/consumer research and complete business plan development.
Over the last 5 years we have assisted start-ups in education, fin-tech, bio-technology, medical technology, and fashion industries.
Lastly, our staff members hold the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA)® certification from the Corporate Finance Institute. This certification is the industry standard for financial, start-up and lender analysts and specifically incorporates training on start-up financial model development and pitch deck design.

Start-Ups choose


With 10+ years of experience developing business plans and financial projections for a variety of industries, we gladly join forces with start-ups who require strategic, modeling or even design assistance prior to approach investors. 
Our pitch decks and plans are written by business experts who have over fifteen years of marketing, finance and strategy experience in corporate and start-up settings. These qualifications, coupled with a highly efficient and personalized process, result in deliverables that further your start-up concept and help you effectively communicate your value proposition to investors and internal teams.
Services for Start-Up and Tech Companies
Depending on your specific needs, we can help with the development of your investor-ready pitch deck for external presentations, development of a comprehensive business plan to guide your strategic direction and internal focus, or even strengthening your existing materials and presentations.

Pitch Deck Development


As requested by investors and other lenders.  Prepared by us according to investor specifications and including financial models, business idea validation, end-user acceptance research, competitive research, industry positioning and comprehensive revenue projections.

Deliverable: a 15-25 page investor-ready pitch deck. Includes 3 months of unlimited changes and revisions and weekly 45-minute strategy sessions with you and your team.

Investment: $1,395.

Complete Business Plan + Pitch Deck


Includes the investor-ready pitch deck + a full business plan write-up for your internal guidance, board of advisors and management team use, complete with staffing, operational, and strategic insights and 3-year comprehensive financial projections and statements.

Deliverables: a 15-25 page investor-ready pitch deck and a comprehensive business plan (20-35 pages). Includes 6 months of unlimited changes and revisions and weekly 45-minute strategy sessions with you and your team.

Investment: $2,795.

3-Year Financial Projections

Developed specifically for investor presentations and pitch decks. Includes 90 days of unlimited changes and revisions and weekly consultations.

Deliverables: comprehensive 3-year financial projections,  reflecting all aspects of your business model, including customer base, customer acquisition costs, expenses, staffing, revenue projections and expected profitability. Includes 3 years of income statements, balance sheet projections and cash flow statement. 

Investment: $295.